Tecno team – part of our team

With a history of 20 years, we are one of the most experienced European companies that offer integrated solutions for high-precision machining. We have managed to remain at the forefront of technology by focusing on every customer requirement, from the time of the call for tenders to commissioning. Every time we’ve been looking to shorten waiting times and help increase productivity.

We are attentive to global trends and we are able to integrate them into the cost-performance-cost triad. We understand the importance of the costs associated with the changes. We take advantage of the latest additions to the market and ensure performance improvements.

Our group is present in 7 countries: Austria, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Hungary, Slovakia and the Czech Republic, with no fewer than 60 active European technicians. We have a machine line in Germany and technical skills and know-how acquired over 20 years of European presence. The reputation is also supported by the presence at the major European fairs: EMO, AMB and GrindTec. Olstral is TECNO.theam partner and the only representative of Romania at these fairs.

We want to be the link between the best technology vendor and our client. Together we put into practice the needs and requirements to specific dimensions, tailored to each situation. As a most important element, we define close collaboration and intense exchange of experience between our user and our specialists.
Our main objective is in this context to ensure the maximum percentage of customer satisfaction. In this framework we are committed to our entire energy and with the help of world-leading high-end technology, we assist our local client in achieving maximum success.

Ben Scherr
Administrative Director of GmbH TECNO.team