General revisions CNC machine tools

General revisions We offer the general overhaul service as a solution to better monitor your technological processes, keeping the machines in good technical condition. It includes the set of operations performed periodically for checking, cleaning, lubricating and replacing used parts or checking the technical condition of the components. General revisionsGeneral revisions The technical revision aims afla mai mult

Retrofit CNC machine tools

Retrofit Olstral offers you the best modernizations/overhauling of your precision metal working machine tools, regardless the manufacturing year or the brand of machine. Some of the retrofitting operations are: 1. Checking: –  Geometrical alignment –  Laser linearity, planarity 2. Laser compensation 3. Electrical diagnosis 4. Hydraulics diagnosis 5. Covering and Revision of telescopic 6. Dismontage afla mai mult

Maintenance CNC machine tools

Service and maintenance The Olstral  is a company with extensive experience in the trade of equipment for cutting processing, supply of technical goods, accessories and consumables for the metal processing industry. Together with our partner in Austria and Germany, we represent world-class names with the most diversified portfolio of cutting processing equipment at national afla mai mult

Grinding CNC

Grinding solutions plan, interior, exterior, cylindrical Since 2017, Olstral has begun to provide services for the grinding operations of internal and external cylindrical and conical surfaces, external planes and profiled surfaces. We have chosen to propose this service in the current context of the metal processing industry, in which the need for finishing/rectifying after the afla mai mult

Programming & Production Optimization

We offer specialized programming services for 3 and 5 axes equipment, both for those marketed by us, as well as for other types of equipment. Selecting support for machine tool programming represents an easy way to strategically plan your production, whether it's a large or small series production. Optimizing production capacity can reduce operational costs, afla mai mult

Financing services

Financing solutions operational (leasing) financial We are a company that focuses on professionalism by offering our clients the best solution for a long-lasting and mutually beneficial collaboration. In order to meet the clients' need to acquire the desired equipment, we aim to offer support through efficient funding methods: financial and operational leasing. Financing services Financing afla mai mult