It is a manufacturer of Japanese tradition specialized in SWISS type production. With over 50 years of experience in producing screws for large series production or small series. Increased production capacities, especially in very harsh materials. Nomura lathes can get any challenge, and they can handle the production effortlessly. The numerical control used is FANUC.

50 years of amassed design techniques and commitment to manufacturing quality give Nomura DS Automatic Lathes their remarkable ability to reduce vibration – the number one problem faced in lathe cutting work.

  • New lineup of Rotary back tool unit which is possible to machine various and complicated products.
  • Improvement of the maintenance by new larger door cover
  • Overwhelmingly cost-effective 20mm model
  • High rigid designed tool post
  • CNC M70 (MITSUBISHI) built-in
  • Tool post is made of special casting iron which is strong for abrasion resistance.
  • Sliding surface is crafted by scrapers, which ensures longer-lasting and high rigid.And there are various optional units for your customers’ request.
  • Standard (Back tool unit)
  • [ CNC Control ] MITSUBISHI M70 is built-in, and the legibility is improved by 8.4 color TFT.
    C-axis control is built-in as standard function, and operation time can be reduced by Position Loop of Main Spindle without returning to the original position.
  • [ Spindle Motor ] 2.2/3.7kw built-in spindle motor is mounted on $1 main side, and 25mm spindle motor as an option.
    Motor with C-axis function (Simple belt type) on $2 back side.
  • All types of Nomura CNC Automatic Lathes use a headstock which moves during fabrication. These are often referred to as Swiss-Type Precision Automatic Lathes.
  • The main spindle tip grips the workpiece with a collet chuck, and the headstock moves axially, receiving the guide bushing located in the center of the tool post. Lathe cutting occurs at this orifice. This process avoids creation of vibration or deformation, allowing consistent, high-precision manufacturing.