Monzesi, today, is one the main manufacturers in the world of high precision grinding machines, specifically for:

  • Centerless grinders – Monza division;
  • Double disc grinders – Viotto division;

Monzesi’s mission is to achieve the perfection in grinding, continuing a long tradition of innovation in engineering and customized solutions supplied to a large number of customers worlwide.

A century of experience. A piece of history in the machine tool industry. Much more than a plain machine tool builder.

This is what today Monzesi represents, in its continuous production of centerless grinders and double disc grinders. This is what Monzes has been in the past, and what it will be for the future generations.

Viotto Double Disc Grinders

The main characteristics of the Viotto double disc grinders, robust stable design, high precision and high reliability, are the starting points for the creation of new models RV and RO. These models are entirely redesigned from both a technology and aesthetics standpoint. The models RV and RO offer numerous and significant innovations:

  • Electrospindle technology for grinding wheels and dressing system. Designed entirely by Monzesi for the disc grinding applications, to assure a stable, precise, and highly reliable operation for the life of the machine.
  • All the axes are activated by brushless servo motors and precision ball screws.
  • New (lower) base design allowing for more ergonomic work environment.
  • Universal Dressing system redesigned in order to suit any requriement. We can use a fixed head with diamonds, a rotating diamond roll, or a conditioning wheel for superabrasives.
  • Machine set-up considerably simplified through a new intuitive software and CNC controlled guideplates.

Vertical double disk grinders

RV2 – 450  RV2 – 650 RV2 – 760
Grinding Wheel Diameter 350/450 mm 500/610 mm 760/915 mm
Spindle Power 22 + 22 kW 37 + 37 kW 53 + 53 kW
Total Power 85 kW 115 kW 165 kW
Overall Dimensions (grinder only) 1250x3250x2300 mm 1550x3580x2350 mm 1830x3485x2665 mm
Weight 8500 kg 10500 kg 15200 kg

Horizontal double disk grinders

RO2 200  RO2 350  RO2 450 RO2 610
Grinding Wheel Diameter 200 mm 350 mm 450 mm 610 mm
Spindle Power 2,2 + 2,2 kW 7,5 + 7,5 kW 15 + 15 kW 22/30 + 22/30 kW
Total Power 6 kW 20 kW 40 kW 50/70 kW
Overall Dimensions (grinder only) 1400x800x1200 mm 1250x1300x1350 mm 1750x2650x1700 mm 1850x2750x2200 mm
Weight 1200 kg 3000 kg 4500 kg 6000 kg