Retrofit CNC machine tools


Olstral offers you the best modernizations/overhauling of your precision metal working machine tools, regardless the manufacturing year or the brand of machine.

Some of the retrofitting operations are:
1. Checking:
–  Geometrical alignment
–  Laser linearity, planarity
2. Laser compensation
3. Electrical diagnosis
4. Hydraulics diagnosis
5. Covering and Revision of telescopic
6. Dismontage and Montage
7. CNC Modernization and Overhauling
8. CNC Machining
9. Welding / Cutting / Cold deformation / Linear bend / Roll bending

  • The operation involves the equipment of old machinery with efficient equipment, but also the replacement of the old mechanical drive elements. This process ensures the same functionality of the machinery.
  • The equipment of the machinery refers to the addition of electrical, automation or software elements required to optimize technological processes, and to increase processing performance (quality, accuracy, yield).
  • The upgrading operation is a prerequisite for the modernization and optimization of both technological and economic flows.
  • In the metal processing industry, there is an increase in the internal demand for equipment modernization, and a need to retechnologize the technological processes to maintain competitiveness, so that more and more companies are choosing to invest in the upgrading or modernization of the existing equipment, in order to improve productivity.

We are at your disposal to analyze with specialist technicians your demand for equipment upgrades.