Maintenance CNC machine tools

Service and maintenance

The Olstral  is a company with extensive experience in the trade of equipment for cutting processing, supply of technical goods, accessories and consumables for the metal processing industry. Together with our partner in Austria and Germany, we represent world-class names with the most diversified portfolio of cutting processing equipment at national level.

We want to be the link between the best bidder of modern technology and our client. Together we put into practice the needs and requirements, to specific dimensions, adapted to each situation, because we strongly believe we can establish a high degree of quality on the Romanian industrial market.

The Group has more than 120 employees, 60 of whom are specialized service & application technicians with extensive technical expertise, and the know-how of our group helps us to offer you a wide range of services for Romania, both for the equipment marketed by us and for other brands, carried out by the service department.

  • Service for cutting processing equipment
  • Maintenance
  • Major overhaul
  • General cleaning services
  • Machine tools retrofitting
  • Other on-demand services

The service activity during the warranty and post-warranty period is ensured by our team of technicians performing commissioning, service and calibration for all the marketed equipment and training of the maintenance personnel.

By setting up maintenance programs that involve preventive, predictive and corrective maintenance, we will ensure increased endurance and reliability of electrical equipment and machines.

Preventive maintenance

  • Refers to services assumed to prevent equipment failures
  • Systematic inspection, detection and treatment of wear/risk alerts
  • Diagnosis and correction of defective conditions, but also including revisions (testing/controlling, adjustment, replacement of parts/components or consumables)

Preventive maintenance includes:

  • Lubrication (replacement of lubricant)
  • Regular replacement of gaskets
  • Checking assemblies and tightening them; running test sequences through the electronic controller etc.

Predictive maintenance

  • The emphasis is on the technology and on real-time tracking of equipment/machinery states in operation.

Predictive maintenance

  • Can be materialized by an automatic status monitoring subsystem, meaning a series of sensors (tracking bearing temperatures, lubricant viscosity and/or clarity, shaft/shafts revolutions, work load/torque
  • Stability of rotation axis positions etc.) and a control unit capable of reacting (by pumping fresh lubricant, reducing speeds, signaling risk states, logging work history, alerting or stopping the installation in case of imminent failure etc.).