General revisions CNC machine tools

General revisions

We offer the general overhaul service as a solution to better monitor your technological processes, keeping the machines in good technical condition.

It includes the set of operations performed periodically for checking, cleaning, lubricating and replacing used parts or checking the technical condition of the components.

  • The technical revision aims at verifying and maintaining the proper technical condition of the machine
  • Preventing and eliminating defects in parts with low reliability (gaskets, bearings)
  • Cleaning the heat exchange surfaces, checking the bodies and fluids of the lubricant assembly and replacing them as necessary,
  • Verification and development of safety, protection and automation elements.
  • Revision is a way of ensuring that the machines you have are in a good working condition so we perform activities of:
  • Measuring the technical and economic parameters of the machinery, highlighting the requirements for adjusting or defining the defects
  • Analyze the technical condition and highlight the defects of the machine components
  • Determining the remaining technical resources of the machine or its components, the necessity and appreciation of the volume of the current repair works.

Machine overhaul is a prerequisite to prevent premature wear and to keep machinery in good working order.