For more than 125 years oelheld has been your specialist for lubricants

In 2012 oelheld celebrated its 125 year jubilee. oelheld was founded by Carl Christian Held in 1887 in Stuttgart, Germany. Today oelheld is a prestigious lubricant specialist and worldwide active.

Our dielectric fluids for EDM die sinking and EDM wire cutting applications are recommended by leading machine manufacturers.

Oelheld develops grinding fluids, cutting fluids and water-soluble lubricants for many different applications. Human technology is not just a trademark at Oelheld GmbH – it is our guiding principle for a better future.

Put us to the test!

Many machine manufacturers and numerous universities develop together with oelheld products that are specifically designed for machine requirements. This type of cooperation allows Oelheld to meet the specific customer requirements and to adapt the fluids offered to different applications.

The attention to the trends in the field is also proven by the efforts made to ensure the best conditions for the safety of employees and the protection of the environment.

Water-soluble cooling lubricants from our AquaTec series. Emulsion or solution, we have the cooling fluid suitable for grinding, milling and grinding.

The well known disadvantages with water-soluble metalworking fluids (corrosion in machines and work pieces, sticky residues in machines, low tool life, fungi and bacteria development, etc.) had been for Dr. Storr and his research and development department the motivation to break new ground and to develop new products, that guarantee that most of the well known disadvantages will be a thing of the past.

With the new designed product line AquaTec we are able to offer you a product
that is solving most of the above mentioned disadvantages, is elevating your process stability and is reducing your ongoing costs at the same time.

Health benefits – AquaTec

  • AquaTec creates low mist levels
  • AquaTec is dermatologically approved
  • AquaTec provides superior stability for long sump life
  • AquaTec contains no heavy metals
  • AquaTec meets all requirements according REACh

Benefits – AquaTec

  • Extreme long life without use of additional additives
  • Reduced coolant maintenance
  • No foam problems
  • Universal use possible on single and centralised filtration systems
  • High cleaning efficiency
  • Low air pollution
  • Good corrosion protection
  • Improved tool life
  • Better surface finish



Metalworking fluids are the basic competence of oelheld. Dielectrics for sputter and grinding fluids are oelheld

The right dielectric for every machine!

Whether for roughing work or use in ultra-fine finishing – the dielectric has to satisfy the very specific requirements for every application. The high-performance dielectrics from oelheld are made from synthetic base oils and contain discharge-intensifying and wear-reducing additives and ageing inhibitors for use in electrical discharge machines (EDM).
By contrast with the conventional mineral oil products, the high-purity synthesis products enriched with the oelheld-patented satellite electrodes from the IonoPlus series are manufactured in a special blending process.
It does not matter whether die sinking, wire cutting or start hole drilling, we have the right dielectric for your machining process!


Forging oils, especially Air Forge, have been developed primarily for the aerospace industry.

The main objective was to develop a layer of glass to protect the piece, gas diffusion and heat retention.

Airforge forging lubricants for high standards in your hot and cold forming processes.

These properties lead to the flow of forging for titanium castings, based on nickel or special steel alloys.

Increasingly sophisticated and complex forging processes require new varieties of release agents thus making more traditional forming processes a thing of the past.

Besides its perennial and internationally best selling AirForge (glass coating) product, oelheld is more and more penetrating the market of water-soluble forging lubricants for the hot and warm forging industry, e.g. the auto industry.

With or without graphite, black or white AirForge lubricants meet or exceed the highest standards:

  • Water-soluble and therefore economical and environmentally-friendly to use
  • Extremely good homogenous spray coverage under a wide range of temperatures guarantee an immediate and even release film on the forging die
  • Material flow and mold release benefit from superior release and discharge properties