Q Grind

Q-grind represents our concept of equipment specially designed for the European market.

It is a leading model in the field of rectification which allows us to offer the highest quality standards, as they are demanded by our customers.

Q-Grind represents the quality of the rectification.

Together with our partners, these machines are manufactured to the highest quality standards to meet the demanding market demands.

Type 1-1

In this case, two internal grinding axles are used, each mounted on a separate, freely programmable support

Type 1-0

An internal grinding shaft and an internal grinding axis allow for simultaneous machining of the outer and inner surfaces

Type 1-1-0

This multifunctional configuration is equipped with both internal grinding wheels and an external grinding shaft, thus giving you maximum flexibility.


Construction dimensions GM-35CNC GM-45CNC GM-80CNC
Inner grinding diameter Max. 2-300 mm 2-400 mm 2-800 mm
Diametru exterior max. 350 mm 450 mm 800 mm
Max. piece 50 kg 50 kg 50 kg