Clamping systems


  • Tool presetting devices, for toolholders ISO, VDI, CAPTO, HSK
  • Variants: – Primary detector+ Digital display
  • Camera + Color display-TFT


  • Auxiliary attachments for mounting tools, for bench work.
  • Adaptive modular system for toolholders SK, BT, HSK, Capto, VDI, WFB, KM.
  • “Zero-point” gripping nests – manual and pneumatic – different sizes
  •  Bed plates – nests are integrated into the bed plate -different sizes depending on the mass of the milling machine
  • Fastening palettes for working pieces – mounted on the bed plates by tightening the ultra-precision centering bolts
  • Processing towers – “zero-point” nests are integrated into the tower
  • „Zero-point” gripping and raising systems for 5-axis processing

For the milling of medium and large workpieces, the square pole magnet technology has proved to be one of the best clamping techniques worldwide.

Extremely short set-up times, vibration-free and interference-contour-free clamping speak for your application from precision mechanics to shipbuilding.

  • Magnet pole variants: 50×50 mm (4kN area clamping force) or

70×70 mm (7.8kN area clamping force)

  • Rectangular table dimensions from 200×400 mm to 580×1000 mm
  • Circular table dimensions from fi500mm to fi1200mm

System Features

  • Low-vibration machining and clamping of workpieces
  • Fast and safe clamping of uneven parts
  • Uniform clamping force over the entire surface, without distorting the workpiece
  • Five-sided machining without risk of crashes
  • Full usability of the travel paths
  • Minimal set-up times
  • Fast and accurate parallel plane milling
  • Clamping warped weldments in no time
  • Fast setup of individual, magnetic clamping devices
  • Same holding force in all directions by square pole technology

Our vacuum clamping pallets are offered in our standard dimensions as well as in special dimensions. The vacuum clamping pallets have a circumferential clamping groove, the vacuum removal takes place externally on all clamping pallets. We see the following features as standard:

  • Aluminum 5083
  • Sealing cord 4x6mm
  • Grid 25x25mm
  • Stop holes 6F7 / M6
  • Absaugbohrungen shut off
  • Vacuum connection G 1/8 „, 4×90 °

Rectangular table dimensions from 200×200 mm to 1000×1000 mm

For a more flexible use of your vices, we offer an increase for many common vice brands. Up to a width of 125mm, the vices can be mounted on our ROC vice increase, adjusted to your mounting options.

Fabrics with the following dimensions can be mounted:

  • 100x400mm (WxL)
  • 125x475mm (WxL)