Cellro is a distinguished developer and manufacturer of robotic automation for the machining industry, founded in 2004. The company is acclaimed for its standardized, modularly constructed automation solutions.
Cellro enables its clients to maximize machine profitability. Its versatile solutions reduce labor costs, increase hourly output and allow for overall production growth. Now, and in the future.

Cellro’s distinctive standardized modularity empowers the owner with unequaled flexibility, granting full trust in the future.

Cellro concept was created as a universal automation solution for metal-shaping machines which was able to automate every handling which occurred.

Automation was an indisputable element in this and machines were linked. Various product lines were developed and realised from this concept.

The accommodation became too small shortly after Cellro was established and the company moved to premises in Ede. In a short time Cellro grew into a fully fledged automation company with a unique product line that met with approval in the market.

Cellro’s core mission that brought Xcelerate to life

An automation solution for every need. Any need.

  • Cellro was born out of a desire towards innovation – and this very same force still drives the company and its employees to this day. From our perspective, automation does not exclusively belong to immense machining facilities that are able to produce 24/7. Although we continue to serve this side of the market with smart custom-made solutions, we also believe in a major role for automation under the roof of the regular dayshift jobber.
  • It is exactly this thought that sparked Xcelerate’s development. Cellro houses a treasure trove of experience, know-how and dedication, which neatly accumulated over many years. This powerful foundation laid de ground for a pioneering solution combining great functionality with ease and flexibility. That solution, is Xcelerate.
  • With Xcelerate, the door towards profitable automation opened up wider than ever. It brought us a major step closer to our core mission: making automation valuable and within reach – for any machining company.

Xcelerate is a surprisingly compact, flexible and clear-cut automation solution by Cellro. It is the multifunctional assistant who works together smoothly with your CNC machines.

Surprisingly versatile

  • Xcelerate stands for all-in-one technology. The robot is capable of many diverse handling tasks, all at unrivalled speed and with utmost precision. Product change, pallet change, cleaning, deburring and 6-sided machining. Years of research and development enabled Cellro to bring so much functionality together in such a compact and accessible solution. That’s what we call Simply Revolutionary.


Why we call it All-in-One Technology

  • Cellro developed Xcelerate with the ideal employee in mind. Someone who is widely useful, skilled and a clear communicator to its fellow workers. Xcelerate is exactly that. It is capable of many jobs, and speaks the language of many different CNC machines. Because there’s a job for him to do on every corner, it’s now easier than ever to reap the benefits of automation.
  • Xcelerate’s core functionality consists of changing products. The intelligent robot accurately handles workpieces between producttray and machine. After machining has finished, the robot will notice directly. Your finished product will be placed back in one of Cellro’s universal or custom made storage solutions. All at full speed.



1- Cut your costs per hour

  • Xcelerate carries out your production at a greatly lower hourly rate than regular employees. In addition to its low wage, the robot will not trouble you with major and minor hassles such as absense, salary negotiations or sudden departures. You also save precious time and money on the recruitment and training of personnel – generally a time-consuming endeavour. For the average machining company, the sum of all savings helps to cut hourly costs in the order of 25%.

2- Increase productivity per hour

  • Xcelerate will also stir up your entire productivity, getting the most out of every second. He finishes any job with imposing speed and accuracy, without being distracted or desiring a lunchbreak. And because the robot continuously keeps your machine running warm, the traditional pile of rejected workpieces will vanish like frost under the morning sun. In total, Xcelerate increases hourly productivity around 20%.